Lovely Facials

Because the facials are each individually customized for your skin, you can request (or I will suggest) specific products to address different skin issues such as hydration, anti-aging, acne problems, and men's skin, all while having the most relaxing facial you can imagine.

Drinking extra water before and after your facial is suggested to help your skin release and eliminate toxins from your body.

Signature Facial

An amazing experience using the Phytomer marine-based products to cleanse your skin and relax your body and mind, while renewing and rejuvenating your skin.  Each facial is customized with you in mind, based on any skin concerns you may have.  Includes a self-heating, detoxifying mineral back mask, as well as hand and foot massage and gentle facial extractions; 90 minutes.  Come in for a series of treatments to take care of specific skin concerns, or as a once a month maintenance treatment; minimum suggestion of four times per year, or at the change of seasons.

One time facial  $90

Series of three  $240

Series of six      $420

One Hour Facial 

Similar to the signature facial, using the Phytomer products customized for your skin type.  Again, ideally once per month, or at least four times per year.  Includes hand and foot massage; 60 minutes.   

One time facial   $70

Series of three   $185

Series of six       $330

Express Facial

Short and sweet, includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask and a hand or foot massage; 30 minutes.  

One time facial   $40

Series of three   $105

Add-on Treatments

Firming, Rebalancing or Thermoactive Mask- additional 20 minutes.   $20

Foot Detoxification Self-heating Mask- additional 15 minutes.   $20



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