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  • Mary Pinson,      Portland, OR      7/22/2015

Julie is the best! She's fun to talk to and does the best lashes I've ever had. I couldn't be happier!


  • Christine P.,     Gresham, OR     5/28/2015

I had mixed feelings about leaving a review because in all honesty I would like to keep Julie a hidden gem.  I wanted to get my lashes done before I left for vacation and found someone through Google that seemed to be reputable.  While she was good, she was not awesome.  I did want to continue to get my lashes done but was hesitant to go back.  By luck I was recommended to Julie and what a blessing it was!  

First. let me just say Julie is an amazing and talented woman.  I love that she is a perfectionist and knows a great deal about what she is doing.  Secondly, I switched over to the volume lashes and fell in love!  I have thin short Asian lashes and the volume lashes did wonders!

You'll have no regrets if you go to Julie.  She's worth every penny and more.  Like others have said, be prepared to spend some quality pillow time with Julie as perfection takes time.


  • Kierstin M.,    Portland, OR      6/30/2014

Julie is AMAZING! Get the volume lashes. I had been getting mine done somewhere else and they just didn't last and weren't always put on correctly. I decided to try Julie out and so glad I did. I decided to change to volume lashes from the original and they look beautiful. Julie is an expert in her field and you can see that from her work. I get so many compliments for my lashes and it's the only 'make up' I wear now. Go get your eyelashes done by Julie, you won't be disappointed!


  • Michelle V.,    Beaverton, OR     6/17/2014

Get the VOLUME Lashes! They are the most full and long lashes Ever! I am so happy with mine. Julie started switching out my regular individual lash extensions for the newer better volume lashes and I Love them. I would feel Nakid without them. Julie is so sweet and enjoyable to be around. Be prepared to lay there for a long time with your eyes shut while she works her magic.


  • Adina S.,    Gladstone, OR     3/28/2014

Julie is amazing! She takes her time with her clients and does a beautiful job. I love my lashes, and I would recommend her 100%!


  • Natalie T.,     Ashland, OR       11/21/2013

Hello my name is Natalie, and I received one on one training for Eyelash extensions with Julie on November 4th 2013, and here is my review. If you are interested and wanting the best training, rather than attending a class with 8 or so people, contact Julie. She is kind and very patient even during the difficult parts of the lash extension process. I highly recommend her if you are looking to do/learn lash extensions. She is very skilled and compassionate.


  • Kortnee C.,    Clackamas, OR       7/22/2013

Julie is an excellent trainer in eyelash extensions. Her professional background in eyelash history and product knowledge really makes you feel you are getting the best training. Her lash techniques, patients and feedback gave me the skills to feel confident in doing lash extensions to my clients. I would highly recommend her to any esthetician looking for a professional experienced Eyelash Extension trainer.


  • Joanne K.,   Portland, OR        11/16/2012

I received my eyelash extension training through Julie.  What blew me away, was how genuine and sincerely caring she is.  Not only was she patient, but also made me feel relaxed during the challenging moments.  This says a lot about how she performs her services and treats her clients as well.

I would definitely recommend Julie to any licensed professional considering extension training, as well as clients looking for a skilled and compassionate esthetician.  


  • c N.,   Portland, OR     10/10/2012

Julie is the best!!!!  She really takes her time and makes you feel comfortable.  She pays great attention to detail and her technique is wonderful.  She is my eyelash extensionist of choice!


  • Mandana S.,   Beaverton, OR     5/15/2012  

I have had lash extensions done in numerous locations across the country over the past four years but after finding Julie, I have no reason to go anywhere else.

Something I found unique about my experience with Julie is that she actually takes the time to find out the reason you are getting the extensions in the first place and she works that information into creating the perfect set of lashes for the occasion. For my upcoming wedding, she gave me longer, thicker and much more dramatic lashes than she has in the past when I just wanted to achieve natural look.

In addition to her friendly personality and extreme attention to detail, Julie is flexible with scheduling and has squeezed me in at the last minute on more than one occasion where when I was about to leave town or had an upcoming event, going so far as to work way past her business hours in the evening.

If you are tired of wearing (and washing off) mascara every day, or if you are going on a tropical vacation and don't want to have to worry about make up running down your face, you should give lash extensions a try. But don't go anywhere else but here cause if you do- odds are you will end up spending a lot more money for a lot fewer lashes and they will fall out within a few days, anyway.                                                                                                                                                                


I've been getting eyelash extensions for the last 4 years (In Arizona) and having just moved to the OR area I wanted to find a place that could do as good a job.  After a VERY bad experience at another Salon, I found Julie at Lovely Lashes & Skincare.  

Upon entering her business on 12th/Market, I was immediately put at ease.  Julie is friendly, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, and listens to what you tell her you want out of the service.  Her room is cozy, comfortable, and ideal for relaxing while she beautifies your lashes!

I was SO happy with the results and would recommend Julie to anyone interested in lash extensions.  I will definitely be back!


After two disastrous lash extensions from Kalista Salon, I found Julie at Lovely Lashes and Skincare. I'm so very glad I did! Julie is absolutely the best; not only has she been doing lash extensions longer than most aestheticians in town, she also trains them. I LOVE my lashes! I feel like she really took the time to talk to me about my preferences and asked the right questions to get the look I wanted. She is also a very warm, easy person to talk to, and I genuinely look forward to seeing her. If you're shopping around for lash extensions, she's your girl.


  • Aimee J'Adore
         4716 SE Belmont St
         Portland OR 97215
To whom it may concern:
        Receiving my Eyelash Extensions education from Julie was one of the best things I've ever done.  Her thorough knowledge of the trade and meticulous training helped me become the successful Lash Extentionist I am today.  I would highly recommend her to anyone I know that is a serious Esthetician wanting to expand their craft.  Eyelash Extensions have become a sought after service in salons, and without the certification and training from a professional like Julie, you won't have the background to support the growing demand for this service!  I have had hundreds of ladies come to me and told stories of terrible jobs done on their Eyelash Extensions.  I truly know Julie gave me the skills to become the Lash Extentionist these ladies could trust for a perfect job done every time.  Happy clients have created a full time business for me - thank you for everything Julie!

Aimee J'Adore
Professional Makeup and Hair Styling

  • Karen M.,  October 9, 2010

          I happened on Julie about 4 years ago via a friend who called me with breathless  excitement about her new lash extensions. I took one look at my friend's glam and easy new look and booked Julie for myself! I have known her all this time and will absolutely recommend her as an excellent aesthetician and as a lovely and darling person. Julie is a perfectionist and always sends her clients out the door looking great and having received her best efforts. She is awesome!


I just had the most fabulous eyelash extensions done by Julie and I am absolutely thrilled!  Julie listened to what I wanted, answered my questions, shared her extensive knowledge with me and then worked her amazing lash magic!  I am loving my new lashes, feel all glam with absolutely no make-up on!  It's wonderful.  I highly recommend Julie and her amazing skills!


  • Andrea N.,  Lake Oswego, OR     Updated - 5/30/2012

Julie, fabulous owner of Lovely Lashes and Skincare has now been doing lash extensions for me for about 5 months.  And I couldn't be happier.  My extensions are beautiful, she is a joy to work with, and my extensions last wonderfully between fills even though I work out a fair amount, sweat, competitive dance etc.  I go every three weeks for fills but even by the time it is time to go again, my lashes are still looking really good and I get compliments on them all the time!  And the ease of not having to wear mascara or much of anything on my face is just wonderful. I've also recently had a facial with Julie and it was by far the most amazing facial I ever had!  I will definitely be doing that again!   AND . . Julie is so amazing.  She really takes the time to be a perfectionist each and every time I visit her.  She is flexible with scheduling, knocks herself out to accomodate her clients, is delightful and super interesting to talk with and is just an all around amazing person.  I'm always accidentally leaving my things in her salon and last time, right before I went on vacation, she was nice enough to bring the item I left behind (and needed for vacation) to me at my workplace.  How amazing is that!  I would highly, highly recommend Julie for any of her services.


  • Andrea N.,   Lake Oswego, OR   Updated - 11/4/2012

    Julie has been doing my eyelash extensions for almost a year now and I have to say I love them every bit as much now as I did when we started, if not more!  My lashes were so pretty and so easy to maintain all last winter, but I wondered how they would hold up over the summer with hot weather vacations, lots of outdoor exercise in summer temperatures, etc.  I am VERY pleased to report that my lash extensions have now held up beautifully through a vacation to Arizona which included 100 plus degree temps, lots of pool time and just lots of outdoor sweating. They held up all summer here in Portland with lots of working out, dancing, playing in our summer sun etc.  And most recently in September, my lashes looked beautiful all throughout my vacation to very hot and humid Charleston, SC.  This trip also included running every day in the humidity, and beach time nearly everyday with alot of time jumping waves in the ocean.  Throughout all of that, I was good to go with just my lashes and some lipgloss and my lashes looked great the entire time.  So these extensions really DO work with an active lifestyle even in the hot, wet or humid environments.  This is better than I ever expected.!  And, I believe that all of this great lasting outcome is due to Julie's diligent and perfectionist nature - she takes such great care and lots of time, to make sure I walk out of her salon each time with lashes that look fabulous and will continue to look fabulous all the way until it's time to return for a fill.  I couldn't be happier with my lashes or with Julie - who in addition to being an extremely skilled esthetician and last extentionist - is also just one of the most kind and delightful people I've ever had the pleasure to be around.  Please give lash extensions by Julie a try -I promise you won't be disappointed.


Julie is truly gifted at her trade. I made the huge mistake of getting my lashes done (for the first time) at Kalista. Nothing against the person who did them, she just didn't have the proper training. Three attempts to fix them with no success and I came to Julie. What a difference!!! They don't hurt my eyes; they don't fall out a day later, or look like I tried to apply them myself, are gorgeous and look so natural! Do not waste your time anywhere else. Go to Julie, she knows what she's doing and on top of everything, she's a fabulous woman who'll send you away with more beauty than just that of your lashes. I wish I could show you pictures of before Julie and after, the difference is night and day.


  • Mary Hoenig, September 29, 2011

          I've had the lashes put on by Julie.  Every morning I wake up feeling glamorous, and the best part is skipping the boring application of mascara.  My eyes look bigger, brighter, and much more awake than usual.  This is a little splurge that just makes my everyday life sparkle with a lot more ease.  Thank you, Julie.  I feel pampered.  This is the most inexpensive "face lift" I could dream of.  I am calling it "lash therapy" to my friends.

  • Sherri S.,   Portland, OR       11/2/2010

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my lashes. I never have to wear makeup and my eyes still look stunning! Thank you Julie!


  • Sarah G.,  Portland, OR      11/9/2009

Julie is wonderful!! I've had facials, which are super relaxing and leave you glowing, and get regular Brazilian waxes. She's meticulous and never double dips the wax stick. Brazilians always hurt a little bit, but she makes it as painless as possible and uses only the best wax! She stays up to date with her training and is very professional and easy to talk to, but never forces conversation if you'd rather not talk. Go see her, you won't be disappointed!!                                                                     

  • Chanele B.,  Redmond, WA        6/23/2011

The mark of a good wax procedure is when the pain is minimal, and that is the mark for Julie. In addition from being highly skilled and using the best quality wax (hence the lack of pain from my brow wax), she is extremely kind and friendly. I accidentally forgot my appointment, and she politely called to see if I was lost. I rushed over, and she graciously accepted me late, not even making me feel bad. Then, we engaged in relaxing, fun chatter while she worked her magic. She made me feel comfortable and at ease, which is not always the easiest thing when hot wax is being applied to your eyelids!All in all, she is a skilled and individual practitioner - a combination worthy of a visit! Next, I will have to try a facial!                                                                          


  • Sarah B.,   Portland, OR     5/16/2011

Julie is amazing. I come to her for eyelashes - she's a perfectionist, will always listen to you, and will make you look beautiful. She's also  extremely easy to talk to and down to earth, but won't make you feel uncomfortable if you just want to relax and not talk, or even take a nap while she works her magic.

I am not a "salon person" by any stretch of the imagination - and Julie is one of the only salon professionals I've found who I don't mind spending time with - she is really sweet and patient, and really, really good at her job.

I followed Julie to her new location by PSU from her last location in SW, and if she moved, I would follow her again! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to a friend.                                                                         


  • Julie S.,   Portland, OR     5/2/2012

I have been seeing Julie for waxing for 6 months and she is fantastic!!  I go for Brazilians every month and she is the only person who has never lacerated my skin.  She is an extremely fun person to talk to, it makes the time go by fast.  She has great attention to detail, always doing an excellent job.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  And I found her on yelp!                                                                         



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