Lovely Lashes

Lovely Lashes!

The name says it all!  Whether you're a bride-to-be or want beautiful lashes for everyday wear, you can have lashes that look great 24/7.  If applied properly and well, you can keep them indefinitely.  (I have a client who has been coming for over seven years!)  The health of your eyes is my most important consideration in taking care of your lashes, and I help educate you and provide products to keep your eyes their best.

*Volume Lash Extensions

The latest and greatest in lash extensions, the Russian volume  adds multiple lashes to give you the fullest  lashes possible.  They can be more demure or dramatic, depending on your preference, as well as what your lashes will allow.  Now you can have hundreds of lashes to flutter!  Meticulously applied and last up to 60 days with maintenance appointments suggested every 2-4 weeks; 2.5-3 hours for initial application.   $350

Maintenance Appointment

Approximately every 2-4 weeks

1 hour        $70

1.5 hours    $90

*Individual Lash Extensions

Lashes applied individually to your own lashes make your lashes look fuller and longer without the need to apply mascara!  Choose from a natural look, a light mascara look (the look of one-two coats), or a full mascara look (the look of two-four coats), as well as different curl types.  No more putting on or taking off mascara, and you always look beautiful!  Meticulously applied & last up to 60 day with maintenance appointments suggested every 2-4 weeks; 2-2.5 hours for initial application.   $350

Maintenance Appointment

Approximately every 3 weeks

1 hour            $70

1.5 hours       $90

*Bride-To-Be Lashes

Your appointment includes your initial full set appointment, as well as your first hour and a half maintenance appointment.  By the including the first two appointments together, you'll have the look you want for your big day.  I try to get the lashes you'd like right from the start, but since you lashes will be in your wedding pictures, I prefer seeing you twice so you can have the opportunity to adjust the length, the curl, and/or the amount of lashes so they look their best in your wedding pictures for years to come!      $440

*New Maintenance Appointments

Maintenance appointments on existing lash extensions from somewhere else are welcomed, but sometimes will need to be removed depending on the previous work performed on you.  My goal is to make you happy while maintaining the health of your lashes.     $100 and up

*Lash Extension Removal

Can take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many lashes there are to remove, as well as the adhesive used.   $50 and up

*Cluster Lashes

Clusters of lashes applied to your own lashes add volume and length and are more dramatic than individual lashes; can be maintained depending on how well you care for them, but are also more damaging to your natural lashes.  These are not recommended for long term maintenance, but great for special occasions.   Up to 1 hour.   $50

*Strip Lashes

For a special occasion; last 1 to 2 days; 20 minutes.   $25


All of the GrandeLASH-MD products are safe, easy to use, and GUARANTEED to work!

*Grande LASH -MD

     Lash serum to help with growth and

    can be used with Lash Extensions

*Grande BROW Serum         $79.95

     Helps regrow brows that have been damaged from

     over-tweezing, aging & some medical conditions

*Grande MASCARA              $24.95

    Adds length and fullness through its unique peptide blend with             exclusive applicator brush

*Grande LINER                           $44.95

      A liquid pen style black eyeliner that also enhances the lash line!


Additional Services:

*Lash Perm-  3 different types and sizes to curl straight lashes or fix misdirected or too curly lashes: 1 hour.  $60

*Lash Tint- lasts 4 to 6 weeks; 20-30 minutes.   $20

 *Brow Tint- lasts 4 to 6 weeks; 20 minutes.   $20

 *Lash & Brow Tint-  30 minutes.   $35


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