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Welcome to the world of Lash Extensions!

Individual lash extensions, and more recently, Volume lash extensions, have been around for a number of years, but have recently taken the beauty world by storm!  You can hardly find an actress, singer or television personality who isn't wearing them, let alone your dental hygienist, next-door neighbor, or the lady at the grocery store.   It's the medical grade adhesive that keeps them staying on for up to 60 days that is making women fall in love with them, as well as the ease in taking care of them, so you look great even when waking up or getting out of the shower.  They were brought to the United States in 2004, when they came across the Pacific from Asia.  Since then, they have been finding their way to exclusive salons around the country, and now, are available in many more locations. 

How can you make yourself stand out from the others offering lash extensions, sometimes at greatly reduced prices?  You do it by investing in your knowledge through training.  Become one who sets the standards for others by learning the art of applying lash extensions from a certified lash trainer with over 11 years of experience in the lash industry.

I have been applying the individual lashes with the extended wear adhesive since October, 2004, and am one of the first to offer them in the United States to clients here in Portland, Oregon.  I have been through many different types of adhesives, many different lash companies, and many different thicknesses, widths and colors of lash extensions, as well as the application of crystals.  I know numerous application techniques, how to determine the best choice  of lashes for what the client wants and what will be healthy for their lashes.  I also know many tips to building a lash clientele that can help you with your business.  These are things I can offer that you won't get from a "group training" from other lash companies because they just don't have enough one-on-one time with each student.  I have been training in classic lashes since 2006, and since May, 2014, am now offering training in Volume lashes.

Over the years, I have continued to invest in my abilities by becoming certified in training from both 3D Beauty and the Lash Mastery Group, as well getting my Master Lash Artist Certification, and additional certification with Be An Amazing Lash Artist, and certification from numerous Volume Lash courses, including two from the amazing Irina Levchuk, a world renowned lash trainer and competition judge from the Lash and Brow Academy in Moscow, Russia; Volume Boot Camp, and from Loreta Jasilionyte, another world renowned lash trainer and competition judge.  I am also a founding member of the Board of Directors for the American Eyelash Association, where we are advancing education, advocacy, and networking for lash technicians throughout the United States and the world!

I believe in continuing education in the newest techniques, products, and being involved with the most cutting edge organizations in the lashing industry.  With my years of experience, coupled with my training in teaching you how to apply lash extensions, and, with your commitment to learn, I can help you become one of the best lash extensionists around.  I will show you how to choose the appropriate lashes for your clients, how to get the best retention for your client, and how to follow all the sanitary procedures necessary when working near someone's eyes.  We will go through the products, implements and procedures, and application the lashes on live models.  We'll also discuss advertising and marketing your new service.  Even though you will leave the training having applied lashes on a live model, I know that questions will come up after you start applying them on your own.  I will remain available indefinitely to answer your questions and talk about any lash  issues that come up.  I love to talk lashes!

If you are considering offering lash extensions to your clients, training with me will give you the confidence and ability to start applying lashes on clients right away.  It's a relatively small investment to not only be able to apply them correctly, but to ensure the safety of your clients and to avoid making costly mistakes.  I will show you how you can recover your investment quickly, even before you come to class!  You can  become certified in classic lash application after submitting before and after photos of a minimum of ten new clients.

The classic lashes are taught in a two-day class with a very limited amount of students so you will get the proper attention you need.  I have put together a lash kit so you will leave with the items you need to continue practicing your new skills!

The Volume lash training is a two day class, also limiting the number of students, with multiple models to train on.  You must have proficiency in classic lash application, determined by a short questionnaire and submission of photos to be assessed for  readiness.  When you reach proficiency in Volume application, you can expect to be able to charge 30-40% more than for classic lash application!

Don't let your potential clients go somewhere else - schedule your training today and start earning a whole lot more tomorrow!  I look forward to talking with you soon.


Julie El-Aghil



Classic Training consists of a two day training session starting at 9:30 a.m. and ending around 5:30 p.m. The first day will consist of theory, sanitations, styling, and pick-up.  Day two will consist of Q&A and two hands on model applications. This includes a lash kit with more than enough lashes and supplies to get your certification and complete 15 maintenance fills or new sets.   $1200

I also am available for refresher training for those who have had training,but don't feel confident in their abilities or who feel like they need to work on any aspect of the lash application process. The cost is $100 per hour, with a minimum of three hours.

I can come to your location, with a possible additional travel/time fee, and can train multiple people, with a limit to the number of trainees.  

Different states have different requirements, but, in general, an esthetics or cosmetology license is needed for training.  You may be an esthetics or cosmetology student, with enrollment verification.  Certification will be held until you receive your esthetics license.  Please send a copy of your license, or bring it with you to class.

Volume Training is a two day session with the first day consisting of a half day of theory and practice, & application on a model.  The second day will start with an hour of review and questions, and two more applications on models.  The two day volume training is specifically for those lash technicians who are proficient in classic application.   Supplies included are volume lashes, volume adhesive, and volume tweezers.  Certification of class participation will be given at the end of class.   $1400.

Classic + Volume Training is a three day training combining all the information from both the classic training and the volume training.  Be prepared to stretch yourself as the training is quite a lot of information over the course of three days, but there are no previous lash application requirements needed before taking this training.  You will receive both classic and volume lash supplies, tweezers, adhesive, as well as other items needed to start your lash application career.  Certification will be given when a minimum of twelve (half classic models and half volume models) before and after photos have been submitted.   $2100

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me. 



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